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Marion Gebhart, PhD - Managing Director

Dr. Marion Gebhart

Dr. Marion Gebhart - Managing Director

She joined RDA Scientific Consultants in 2012, since 2004 at m//m science. She has held the position as managing director since October 2015.

Dr. Marion Gebhart, born in 1970, is an officially qualified food chemist. Having studied at the TU in Munich, she moved to the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (FhG-IVV) in Freising, as a member of the working group on food technology. Together with the Industrial Organization for Food Technology and Packaging (IVLV), she worked on joint projects. At the same time she prepared her doctoral thesis with Prof. Eichner in Münster, completing it in 2000.

Having finished her second state exams (LGL Bavaria), Dr. Gebhart became head of a commercial laboratory with the emphasis on potable water and beverages. She joined m//m science in 2004 continuing at RDA Scientific Consultants from 2012 on, and has held the position as managing director since October 2015.

In addition to her consulting work on foods and authorisation procedures, Dr. Gebhart is also active as a speaker, especially on the pivotal issues of categorisation of produrcts, labelling, health claims and additives.

Dr. Marion Gebhart is an expert for food chemistry who has been publicly sworn and duly admitted by the Munich Chamber of Commerce (IHK)