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Sabina Schneider, PhD - Senior Consultant

Dr. Sabina Schneider

Senior Consultant - Dr. Sabina Schneider

Dr. Sabina Schneider has been senior consultant at RDA Scientific Consultants GmbH since January 2012, from 2003-2011 at m//m science – gesellschaft für naturwissenschaftliche Beratung mbH.

Dr. Sabina Schneider, born in 1964, is a food chemist and studied at the Julius-Maximilians-University in Würzburg. Dr. Schneider completed her first state exams in 1987, following this up with a year of practical experience at the Chemical Diagnostic Office in Hannover, and took her second state exams in 1989. She completed her doctorate in 1992 at the Technical University of Berlin in the field of organic chemistry. Her doctoral thesis addressed the isolation and identification of the odiferous components in essential oils. Dr. Schneider was awarded a scholarship by the Fund of the Chemical Industry. She then worked for several years as an expert for cross-checking at the renowned and accredited food laboratory of Institute Kirchoff in Berlin.

She joined the law firm meyer-meisterernst in 2001, and in 2003 became the managing director of m//m science – gesellschaft für naturwissenschaftliche Beratung mbH, from January 2012-October 2015 of RDA Scientific Consultants, acctually she helds commercial authority to represent (Prokura).

Dr. Schneider is an expert for food chemistry who has been publicly sworn and duly admitted by the Munich Chamber of Commerce (IHK), and an approved cross-checking expert.

The focus of her consulting lies on food supplements, dietetic foods, health claims, novel foods, borderline issues and consumer goods.